Vanessa Galati Wellness Expert

Besides being a certified Colon Hygienist and Licensed Esthetician, Vanessa Galati is the founder and owner of Cleansing Concepts detoxification spas.

My name is Vanessa Galati and I am the owner of Cleansing Concepts.

I have been helping people improve their quality of life through detoxification for 6 years. Over the past six years my focus has been on the significant health benefits of detoxification through colon cleansing, ion therapy, infrared sauna therapy and living clay therapy. I’ve learned that you can truly experience life-changing results that far supersede the temporary affects of laxative teas or over the counter detox programs.

Considering the significantly high levels of toxins in the “modern world” today, from processed foods to medication overload to chemical toxicity, it is important that we educate ourselves on how to prevent health risks and how to naturally treat what ails us.

At Cleansing Concepts we also offer Ionic Foot Detox Baths and Infrared Sauna therapies. Both of these treatments will assist the body in its natural detoxification process. Remove harmful toxins in a safe, relaxing way and affordable way. Our staff is professionally trained and certified. Our goal is to help you reach your wellness goal through detoxification.

I invite you learn more about Cleansing Concept’s detoxification therapies by looking through out the rest of our website. We are here to guide you to a holistic path to good health. Uncover a more energetic and healthy you!